Barcelona – The buzzing city

I discovered Barcelona a few years ago and I spent several weekends there. Let me tell you something, this is probably one of the place to go in winter time when you are living anywhere north of Spain!

Barcelona is a buzzing city located in Spain, on the shores of the mediterranean sea. It is full of students and tapas bars, contemporary or even fantasist architectures. It was such a pelasure to be walking in the streets or visit the harbour wearing shorts and t-shirt in the middle of February and March! I was flying from Nice, France with Easyjet for less than 50€.

Inhabitants of Barcelona, just like every Spanish, relish at going out late at night when temperatures are less extreme, so you’ll find plenty of activity after the sun goes down. Spain is the heaven on hearth when it comes to Serrano or Iberico hams and is a serious contender of France for wine-making. Some restaurants are serving fresh food coming directly from nearby markets. I was hooked by one of them, Mercat Santa Catalina with its restaurant Cuines Santa Catalina. You have to try their burger!

Just go there and explore! Don’t forget to walk by La Sagrada Familia, you’ll be amazed to see that it is still under construction after all these years 😉

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