Zurich – The perfect city

Oh my… what a city! I spent a long weekend in Zurich, Switzerland, and I was amazed by this dynamic, german-speaking and well-organized city.

Flowing from Lake Zurich, the fast Limmat river is cutting throught the old town. Its water is so clean that you can find a dozen public baths on its banks, most of them equipped with lockers and showers. The best part is, all of this is free. There is also an incredible public transportation network relying mainly on buses and tram to allow the 400 000 inhabitants to easily commute within the city but also putting the Alps at less than one hour from Zurich main train station. The relatively small size of Zurich makes it a perfect place for bikes, which are used massively.

During my visit, I went on a 20 kilometers hike in the surroundings forests, along a little frequented but well maintained track. I never had to worry about water, as there are fountains almost everywhere, some even designed to be accessible to dogs. Crazy! And just so you know, it took me approximately 5 minutes from the flat I was staying at to reach the begining of the track.

I guess you get it. If you like outdoor activities, this is the absolute perfect place! Zurich is boasting an incredible natural environment and offers amazing infrastructures for a rather small city. Just go there and explore!

One thought on “Zurich – The perfect city

  1. Galinette and I will go one day in this wonderful city where the dogs have their own fountain.
    I decided to go back to the practice of English and your blog is a great opportunity for me !!!
    At the same time, I look at beautiful pictures !! Thank you very much !!

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